Bulldozer Lounge in Objects of Desire book. 2012



BOLD Magazine interview in Turkey, November 2012.



Articles about The Bulldozer Lounge in various web pages around the world.
Featured on the front cover of The New York Times.
Interview in Dwell magazine. November 2007.
Article can be seen online from Dwell website


Moth to a Flame project included in the Furnish book.
The French edition of Elle Decor. Products for Itailan company "Industreal" were introduced.
Prominent Italian Design publication Abitare featured To22
American magazine Surface had a 4 page spread on To22
Metropolis featuring To22

To22 work chosen as best of American design
in this issue of Italian Abitare magazine.

Abitare selected To22 two years in a row as best design from America.
The French design magazine Intramuros featured the "Perfect Human" film, which was shown to audiences in Italy and Sweden and in the United States. (To22)
Abitare chosen To22 work as best of the year. This is the second issue in a row to do so.
To22 was published in this edition of the frame magazine
To22 was invited to speak and show the film Perfect Human in sweden for the event Design Future Days. Many publications included To22 during and after the event. The event party was held at the city hall, where nobel awards are given. Princess Victoria of sweden was present during the showing of film and work presentation as well as about 2000 spectators.
British publication IDFX included To22 in this particular issue.
WIRED magazine U.K October 2011 issue. Features "the Bulldozer Lounge".
Cover of magazine from Ecuador featuring the Bulldozer Lounge
September 2011 issue of interior design magazine featuring The Bulldozer Lounge.
Bulldozer Lounge in Top Gear magazine (bbc). December 2011.
Maison Francaise magazines which published To22 work.



Trendsetter interview in Turkey, first domestic design news



Elle Decor Turkish Edition August 2011
Cover of recently published design book (2010) by David Bramston, includes To22 works. To22 was an influential design team that was active from 2000 to 2008. Created by Efe Buluc, Mark Goetz and Todd Bracher.